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Let us certify your important documents

A notary public is a government-appointed official who serves as a reliable witness for the signing of important documents. A notarized signature is used to prevent fraud and identity theft, as the information contained in the signed documents is often personal or confidential. If you need a signature notarized, visit Mail Box Plus for assistance.

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When do you need a notary?

When do you need a notary?

There are some records that are so important that you need the oversight of a public official to prove that they’re signed and handled by the right people. You may need the certification of a notary public while signing the following documents:

  • Medical documents, living wills and health care declarations
  • Long-distance agreements
  • Trusts, deeds and wills
  • Powers of attorney
You can count on the notary public at Mail Box Plus to witness and certify the singing of your important documents.