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If you’ve got documents that need to be sent immediately, you don’t have to rely on a delivery service to get them to their destination on time. Just stop by Mail Box Plus, and we’ll get them to their destination. We can fax your documents or scan them and send via email.

Call us at 810-629-2221 to learn more about our faxing services.

3 reasons to fax your documents

3 reasons to fax your documents

We are able to scan and email your documents - send or receive. However, faxing is always an option as well. Here are a few reasons to use our fax machine:

  1. It’s a secure method of document transmission
  2. It’s useful when a company lists their fax number and no email addresses in directories
  3. It provides confirmation that your information was sent and received
Bring your documents Mail Box Plus for 24/7 faxing.

Our email address is or our fax number is: (810) 629-5555.